Creative Blaster Audigy Fx 5.1 PCIe Sound Card with SBX Pro Studio


To listen to tapes on the Phillips Tape Recorder:

  1. Plug the Tape Recorder 3 Pin flat plug into the “Playback via a Radio Set or an Amplifier System” (BOTTOM FRONT HORIZONTAL SOCKET) on the left hand side of the recorder. Red circle toward the back.
  2. Plug the 3.5 mm Jack plug into the “Line In” socket of the “Soundblaster Card”
  3. In the “Soundblaster Control Panel” ensure that, in the “Mixer Tab”, that the Line-In volume is adjusted Up and that the Settings (cog wheel) has “listen to this device” checked.
  4. Select “Classical” in the Equalizer list.
  5. Best listened to in 2:1 as output is Mono. Adjust Tape Recorder Volume.
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