Created as a Web reference for my interest, resource and projects, the pages within this “ImpartIT WordPress” blog contain text and images relating to cars I own/have owned and Microcontroller/Microcomputer project links with related information.

The image is a photo of the *”N.C.R. Class 395 Electronic Data Processing System” which was studied at Staples Corner in Cricklewood, London during 1971 over a period of 9 Months. At this time “decimalisation” occurred in the UK and a generous part-time income in the evenings and weekends was earned converting N.C.R. Cash Registers and Class 31 and 33 Accounting machines.

*Has anybody got one of these or any photos, documentation or parts. There must be one or two in garages somewhere?

The Links below reference the NCR Class 395 Electronic Accounting System

and other systems





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