Complete Wii Nintendo Package

for the discerning Retro Games Player

Package includes

Nintendo Console (new replacement Topiky Replacement Complete D2A DVD ROM Drive 25th March 2023). Power Supply.

Wii to HDMI Adapter

2/4x Rechargeable Battery Pack+Charger Dock Station for Nintendo Wii Controller with 2 contollers and 2 spare batteries

2 Nunchuks (with wrist bands)

1 Joystick

Wii Sensor Bar Infrared Wired Controller Receiver

Balance Board

1 x Wii Sports, 2 x Wii Fit Plus and 2 x Wii Fit DVD’s

15″ TV with HDMI, UART, Composite and USB inputs

All of the above in 100% working order including the installation of the Homebrew Channel – WiiBrew to provide hard disk storage for other Nintendo Games.

Optional HDD with pre-installed channels

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