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The Vector V3 3D Printer 3dprinter_sca-71


launch OctoPrint web interface on Pi

YouTube Build Guides

AstroPrint (alternative Print Software)

Slicr3 Manual Cura


Useful Examples: (Hint: SHIFT+Enter for single line spacing)
G28 – Set x ,y, z  to Home Origin
M104 Sxxx – Set Extruder Temperature (T)ool Extruder
M109 S185 wait for EXTRUDER temperature to be reached
M105 – Get Extruder Temperature
M140 Sxxx  – Set Bed Temperature (B)
M190 – Wait for bed temperature to reach target temp
– Program End
M20 – List SD Card

See /home/pi/scripts for Pi Adafruit LCD display files
See also /home/pi/OctoPiPanel creates interface on small LCD screen
may also need files in /home/pi/rpi-fbcp for FRAMEBUFFER


Serial Port /dev/ttyUSB0 Baud rate AUTO

Login (must login in order to connect)

impartit Ti*****2

Ensure that Hood Switch is enabled before plugging in USB cable

If CONNECT fails disconnect USB from Pi and operate hood switch

OctoPrintMachine State” shows OPERATIONAL if connect is successful

Possible fix for connect failure:

To give this a whirl on OctoPi:

cd ~/OctoPrint
source ~/oprint/bin/activate
git fetch
git checkout maintenance
python setup.py clean
python setup.py install
sudo service octoprint restart


Select Temperature Tab and using SET drop down select PLA for both Hotend and Bed

These defaults to 180 and 60 degrees C automatically.

Press SET on both to commence heating (Printer Beeps)

Graph shows temperature on axis


STL Files (NOT PRINTABLE) can be uploaded from connected PC and SLICED using installed plugin CURA slicer which outputs sliced file to .gco format.(can be PRINTED)


Slicr3 installed on Windows allows viewing setting parameters and producing GCODE files.

Can also upload .stl file to “AstroPrint” and sliced using Slicr3 to gcode file which can be downloaded to PC then uploaded and printed within “OctoPrint”.

  Contact  3D Create & Print

Telephone: 0344 4725266

Email: 3Dprinter@eaglemoss-service.com

Post: Unit 4, Pullman Business Park. Pullman Way, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 1HD

Facebook Group    Forum Vector 3 User Community (inf+16)

Printer Features

Single jet nozzle: 0.40mm
Can print with biodegradable PLA or strong, recyclable ABS
Layer thickness: 0.1 ~ 0.40mm
Zero waste – prints one layer at a time using only the amount of
material required for each object
Prints any object up to 140mm x 140mm x 135mm
Print speed: 10–100cm3/h
Printer weight: 9kg
Printer size: 400mm x 295mm x 356mm
Power requirements: 220-240V 50-60Hz
Input format: STL
Computer compatibility: Windows Vista +, Mac OSX 10.7+
3D Create & Print (licensed un the Apache licence v2.0)


Vector 3 prints from a reel of biodegradable, eco-friendly material called PLA
(Poly Lactic Acid), which is derived from plants. It can also print using ABS
(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), which is tougher but not biodegradable.
Both come in thin lengths of filament and are available in a multitude of colours.
PLA is a favourite with home users, as it has a semi-sweet smell when heated
(compared to the plasticky smell of ABS) and it cools and sets very quickly.


Internal PCB and Print Head switches should be set –Board TOWARDS FRONT Head DOWN

Printer Status LEDS


 Slicer Settings

N.B. Windows Slicr3 start-up GCODE script Lifts Nozzle to 5mm G1 Z5 (remove this line)


Filament Settings


Printer Settings


Useful Links

Vector3 Stock Firmware Updater

Instructables Printing Class

Windows 10 3D Builder User Guide – 3D Builder User Manual

The Vector 3 3D Printer and Education

Calculating the Feed Rate


Arduino Library

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