Uploading Videos to OSMCTV

Getting Music Videos from YouTube into Network/OSMCTV/osmc/Movies

Use OSMC Username and Password to access “osmc” directory in PC Explorer

Lounge OSMC is OSMCTV with IP Address of
ensure that target ( /mnt/WDScorpioHard Disk Drive on Pi) is mounted with

sudo mount -a

1) e.g. find Video on “YouTube” and copy URL

2) Open “Real Player” on PC

3) From Top Left Hand “Real Player” icon and select “Download a Video”

4) Paste e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn0j3wUT0vs for
(You Don’t Have to say You Love Me – Dusty Springfield)
into following dialogue box.
The Video is downloaded into PC\Videos\RealTimes\RealDownloader\ by default.
N.B. This should be changed (see below)

5) Use “FileZilla” to copy Video from local C:\Users\Neil\Videos\RealTimes\RealDownloader\
to remote /mnt/WDScorpio/Movies

6) Video is now playable within OSMCTV in Settings-> FileManager
N.B. Provided that the drive has been mounted)

Upload Family Voices to OSMCTV

1) Use Audacity to Record MP3 file from Tape Recorder

2) Use “FileZilla” to copy mp3 file to /mnt/WDScorpio/Music

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