V3 Arduino

The ATmega1284P


 Firmware Update

In Issue 76 Pages 15 – 16 are the instructions for “Updating the Printer Firmware” prior to Calibration. Follow these steps after downloading the “V3_Firmware_PC file“.

  1. Drill into folder arduino-0023
  2. Run Arduino (an old Alpha Build)
  3. Ignore “Update” prompt if it appears
  4. Click on File and navigate to folder “V3 software firmware/Sprinter Melzi”
  5. open **configuration.h file. (*see below for other 15 files in this directory)
  6. Select the Arduino board type “Sanguino W/ATmega 1284P 16Mhz
  7. Select COMM port to which printer is connected (COMM3)
  8. Select “Upload” and wait for completion.

Now you can calibrate the V3 Printer.

The “Sanguino” is a third-party hardware add-on for the Arduino IDE.

To use it either use the Arduino board manager and add the following url: or simply create a folder named hardware inside your sketchbook directory. Now move the “Sanguino” directory inside that folder. The structure would look like this:

    • hardware/
      • Sanguino/
        • avr/
        • bootloaders/
        • variants/
        • README.md
        • boards.txt

Since the ATmega1284 is not supported by Avrdude. You will have to burn the bootloader manually from the command line. See this file for help: ATmega1284.md.

Also check out this site (broken link http://blog.stevemarple.co.uk/2013/01/how-to-use-atmel-atmega1284-non-p.html) for more information and this site on Arduino Third Party Hardware.

*The other 15 Files include:

10 files for the SD Card

  1. FatStruts.h
  2. Sd2Card.cpp
  3. Sd2Card.h
  4. Sd2PinMap.h
  5. SdFat.h
  6. Sd2Fatmainpage.h
  7. SdFatUtil.h
  8. SdFile.cpp
  9. SdInfo.h
  10. SdVolume.cpp

Useful Links:

The 3D Create and Print Firmware update is based upon the Hydra-MM 3D Printer

Marlin Firmware v1, Basic Configuration Set-up Guide

See this link for details of the Marlin (RepRap) Firmware

and this for Triffid Hunter’s Calibration Guide 

also this for a Calibration Calculator



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